Star Runner: Fallen Star Issue Two Released

Atlantis Studios announced the release of the second issue of its graphic novel series Star Runner Chronicles: Fallen Star. This new episode “Runaway” continues the adventures of Aurora Palmer, a rebellious teen girl born with strange, unpredictable powers, who pursued by a mysterious government organization who wants to exploit those powers for their own purposes. “This episode is a turning point for the series” said Fallen Star creator James Watson, “With her powers exposed, she doesn’t know where to...

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Star Runner Chronicles Available on Comixology

Atlantis Studios announced today that the first two issues of Star Runner Chronicles graphic novel series will available on Comixology, Amazon’s exclusive digital comics site. Effective December 2, Star Runner Fallen Star and its prequel Star Runner: Origins will be available to download from Comixology, the site that.boasts a library of over 75,000 books from over 75 of the world’s largest publishers. Star Runner: Fallen Star #1: Star Runner: Origins:...

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New Series: Fallen Star Issue One Released

Atlantis Studios announced today the release of a new graphic novel series Star Runner Chronicles: Fallen Star. This original three-issue run will detail the story of a rebellious teen girl born with strange, unpredictable powers. When the government investigates her mysterious origins, Aurora decides she must uncover the truth for herself, before it’s too late! Fallen Star is the opening volume of an ambitious five-volume series scheduled for release digitally and in print over the next two years. It...

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‘Aurora’ Optioned for Feature Film Development

Atlantis Studios, New South Independent, and 3rd Shift Media announced today a three-year option agreement to develop Aurora: The Star Runner Chronicles into a live action feature-length film. Aurora is a science fiction graphic novel series about a rebellious teen girl with unpredictable powers. When these powers expose her, the rebellious outcast must uncover her true origin… before it is destroyed. This is the first feature film partnership between Atlantis Studios owned by James Watson (The Adventures...

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