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Series Creator, James Watson

James Watson has spent over 25 years working in the world of comics, film, and animation. He got his start as a layout artist for animation in the mid-1980s. Then in 1997, he created Atlantis Studios, a graphic arts studio that specialized in adapting original film properties into graphic novel format. During this period, his comic series The Adventures of Paula Peril was developed into film.

Inspired by his childhood love of science fiction and family-friendly adventure films, James began adapting his original screenplay ‘Fallen Star’ into an exciting new graphic novel series called The Star Runner Chronicles.  This series is currently rolling out at the pace of one book a year, with new episodes published digitally online and via Amazon Kindle, and in print via comic and book retailers.

Fans can reach James online via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. His Amazon profile is here. He can also be booked for conventions or creator panels via email at:

Leo Cordeiro (Penciller, Fallen Star)

Leo is a native-born Brazilian, who has been working professionally as a comic artist since the age of 18. He worked first as a cartoonist for regional newspapers, then by drawing comics and commissions for Estúdio Imperial (Brasil-SP), where he worked for ten years. He has drawn a number of comics for Atlantis Studios, including six issues of the popular Paula Peril series, and now Star Runner Chronicles.

Facebook link:

Carlos Eduardo (Inker, Fallen Star, Origins)

Carlos Eduardo has been a professional illustrator for 15 years. He graduated in Comics and Artistic Drawing from the Escola Oficina de Artes e História, in Brazil. He currently teaches History of Comics and Artistic Drawing at the Escola Oficina de Artes, Santo André and São Bernardo campuses. He works in the comic book industry as an inker, doing work for the most diverse and largest comic book publishers in the world.

Samples of his work:

Mohan Sivakami (Colorist, Fallen Star, Origins)

Mohan is the founder and president of NS Studios in India, one of the most prolific coloring studios in the world.  He has worked as colorist on projects for DC Comics (Bombshells, Injustice), Zenoscope, and Atlantis Studios (Paula Peril).  His work is always vibrant, detailed, and full of excitement!

Wilson Ramos, Jr. (Letterer, Fallen Star, Origins)

Wilson Ramos Jr has worked in the comic industry for over 25 years. He has worked on scores of projects for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse, Random House, and numerous other independent publishers. His most recent projects include the Independent Publisher Book Awards winning God Woke written by Stan Lee. Wilson works on his creator own comic books Team Kaiju and Ninja Mouse, published by Section8 Comics.


Claudia Ianniciello (Cover Art)

Claudia is a talented illustrator, cover artist, and colorist from Rome, Italy who has worked for the largest comic publishers in the world, including Marvel, DC, IDW, and Titan Comics.


Francisco Esquivel (Penciller, Origins)

Francisco is a prolific artist who has worked for diverse publishers over the years.  For Atlantis Studios, he worked on Paula Peril ‘The Deadly Price’, ‘Mystery of the Old Mill’, and the graphic novel ‘The Secret Island’

Samples of his work:

Nahuel Lopez (Cover Art)

Nahuel is a freelance illustrator, cover artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina who has done work for major comic book publishers including Avatar Press and Upper Deck.


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