Atlantis Studios Releases Animated Trailer for Star Runner Graphic Novel

by | Feb 5, 2021 | Press Release

Atlantis Studios announced today the release of an animated trailer for its graphic novel series Star Runner Chronicles: Fallen Star. The trailer was produced in partnership with Atlanta-based Third Shift Media, and highlights the comics’ action-packed storyline. It showcases artwork from the series, and features the voice talent of actress Jessica Belkin (Just Add Magic, American Horror Story)

Fallen Star is the opening trilogy of an ambitious multi-volume series being released digitally and in print over the next two years. It details the adventures of a rebellious teen girl born with strange, unpredictable powers. When the government investigates her mysterious origins, Aurora Palmer decides she must uncover the truth for herself, before it’s too late!

“It is exciting to see this adventure come to life in a cinematic format”, said series creator James Watson, “Fallen Star was originally conceived as a feature film, so by adding an original score, sound effects, and voice talent, readers can visualize the story in a dynamic and original way.”

The Star Runner Chronicles comic series is available to download digitally from and Amazon’s digital comics site Comixology.  The screenplay has been optioned by Georgia-based Third Shift Media and New South Independent for feature film development.

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About Atlantis Studios

Atlantis Studios is a Virginia-based sequential arts studio specializing in comics and graphic novels for science fiction, fantasy, and action-adventure licensed properties. Since its creation in 1997, Atlantis Studios has created, published, or produced over 200 published works, many of them developed exclusively for clients in the film and television industry.

The Star Runner Chronicles is a graphic novel series, inspired by classic science fiction for young adults, such as books by Alexander Key (Escape to Witch Mountain) and Madeline L’Engle (A Wrinkle in Time). It is available digitally and in trade paperback format at: