In the center of the Milky Way, the “Galactic Homeworld” has existed for over a thousand years.

This is the home to the STAR RUNNERS: a race with special connections to the invisible energy threads that bind the universe together. Their supernatural abilities manipulate quantum particles within time and space, allowing them to see briefly into the future, warp time, and shorten the distance between worlds.

Only Star Runners can navigate the powerful starships that travel through space. Their unique abilities are essential to the growth and wealth of all the worlds in the center of the Galaxy, and because of this, they live as a protected race. Intermarriage with Star Runners is strictly forbidden, and punishable by death.

Defying this tradition, Aurora’s mother falls in love with a prince of the ruling race. When she is found with child, the two lovers flee the Homeworld for the outer edges of the Galaxy, looking desperately for the planet where they can raise their daughter in peace.





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