Rising Star #3: Released in Digital Format!

by | Jul 23, 2022 | Press Release

Atlantis Studios announced today the digital release of Rising Star #3, the latest chapter of the new four-part Star Runner Chronicles series. Rising Star continues the story that began with Fallen Star (2020) and Dark Star (2021), about normal teen Aurora Palmer who risks everything to uncover the remarkable truth behind her origins and find her ultimate destiny.

In Rising Star #3, Aurora and her boyfriend Scott find themselves adrift in deep space. They are rescued by a handsome captain from Aurora’s Homeworld, who has a surprising history with Aurora’s family.  Back on Earth, her friends Kristine and Monica uncover the truth behind an alien artifact that could mean the complete destruction of Earth!

“In this episode Aurora gets everything she ever dreamed of.” explains series creator James Watson “but when that happens, she must face some hard choices about what’s really important to her.”

The Rising Star series is available to download directly from the Star Runner website, or from Amazon Kindle.

The series has also been optioned for development into a live action feature film Aurora: The Star Runner Chronicles, through a joint venture with New South Independent and Third Shift Media.

About Atlantis Studios

Atlantis Studios is a Virginia-based sequential arts studio specializing in science fiction, fantasy, and action-adventure comics and graphic novels. Since its creation in 1997, Atlantis Studios has created, published, or produced over 200 published works, many of them exclusively for clients in the film and television industry.

The Star Runner Chronicles is a six-volume graphic novel series that will continue to roll out digitally and in print over the next few years. This star-spanning series is written by James Watson and features top-notch artwork from leading professionals in the industry.

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