Critics Praise ‘Star Runner Chronicles: Fallen Star’

by | Jul 1, 2021 | Press Release

During its first month of release, Atlantis Studios has received consistent praise for its debut graphic novel Star Runner Chronicles: Fallen Star, currently on sale through Comixology and direct from

This 96-page science fiction-adventure follows the story of a rebellious teen girl with a mysterious past and unpredictable powers she cannot control. When these powers threaten to expose her, she must uncover the truth behind her origins before it is destroyed forever. Here’s a sampling of early reviews:

“…Refreshingly fast-paced, and hinting at a deeper cosmic mythology, Fallen Star offers a new take on the sci-fi superhero genre.” – Morgan Quaid,

“…Exciting, fresh, fun and extremely well done with some spectacular writing and delightful interiors…this a welcome addition to anyone’s reading list!” – Steven Leitman, Reading with a Flight Ring

“…a complex network of characters with layers, storytelling designs, inspirations, and more. Everything that the creators put into this three-issue mini-series all but makes this a masterpiece…”  – Jake Palermo,

“…An easy, quick read with so many relationships between characters… a must read for all comic book fans.” – Tyler Glass, Shattered Glass Comic Reviews

The Star Runner: Fallen Star graphic novel is available to order through retail book shops, via Amazon’s Comixology, or direct from its website. To request a review copy, address your inquiry to Editor James Watson at:

About Atlantis Studios

Atlantis Studios is a Virginia-based sequential arts studio specializing in comics and graphic novels for science fiction, fantasy, and action-adventure licensed properties. Since its creation in 1997, Atlantis Studios has created, published, or produced over 200 published works, many of them developed exclusively for clients in the film and television industry.

The Star Runner Chronicles is a graphic novel series, inspired by classic science fiction for young adults, such as Alexander Key (Escape to Witch Mountain). It is available digitally at:

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