Rising Star #2: The Star Runner Chronicles Continues!

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Press Release

Atlantis Studios announced today the release of Rising Star #2, the second issue of the ambitious four-part continuation of the Star Runner Chronicles saga. Rising Star is the second sequel to the story that started with graphic novels Fallen Star (2020) and Dark Star (2021), about Aurora Palmer, a rebellious teen girl with strange, unpredictable powers, and a desire to understand her alien origins.

In Rising Star #2, Aurora’s is close to achieving her long-awaited goal of flying the starship that was buried on her family farm. When the test launch is interrupted by a mysterious army, she finds that an old enemy has returned, and her friends are in mortal danger. Scott and his father are taken hostage, and Aurora realizes that there may be only one way to escape!

“In this episode, Aurora begins trapped by her enemies, surrounded and outnumbered” explained series creator James Watson about the new comic “She must make hard choices to ensure her friends are safe, but it means risking everything, taking a leap of faith into a new world she’s only dreamed of.”

The Star Runner Chronicles is a six-volume graphic novel series on sale digitally and in print through retail outlets. It follows its heroine Aurora from the halls of high school, to inner rings of the Galaxy, and ultimately, to her destiny in the stars. This star-spanning series is written by James Watson and features top-notch artwork from leading professionals in the industry.

The series has also been optioned for development into a live action feature film Aurora: The Star Runner Chronicles, through a joint venture with New South Independent and Third Shift Media.

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The Star Runner Chronicles is a graphic novel series, inspired by classic science fiction for young adults, such as books by Alexander Key (Escape to Witch Mountain) and Madeline L’Engle (A Wrinkle in Time). It is available digitally and in trade paperback format at: www.StarRunnerComics.com

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